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U-Turn On Self Employed Class 4 NIC Increases

The Chancellor has announced on 15 March that he would not be going ahead with his Budget proposal to increase the National Insurance Contribution rates for self-employed people.  In the Budget of 8 March 2017, he announced that Class 4 NIC rate for the self-employed would rise by 1% to 10% in 2018/19 and by […]

Summer Budget 2015

The Summer Budget 2015 has dominated the news since the Conservatives took power just two months ago in May. The Chancellor delivered a significant amount in his “big Budget” of Summer 2015. In many ways, Mr Osborne’s announcements this time around are more important than in March. The proof will now be in the pudding […]


The media has provided a constant flow of news about the new pension income freedoms. If you haven’t heard, everyone at retirement age is now entitled to draw as much or as little from their pension as they like. The popular concern in the press is that people will go and withdraw everything and buy […]

How Much Income Will I Need in Retirement?

Everyone’s idea of what income is needed to provide you with an ‘acceptable standard of living’ in retirement is different. In addition, no estimate remains the same for long as prices and the cost of living change year-on-year. However here, drawing upon published material from Standard Life and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), we look […]

Work based pensions: automatic enrolment

  Work based pensions’ law has changed and all employers are legally required to automatically enrol certain staff into a pension scheme and make contributions. Employers are also obliged to tell staff about the scheme you put them in and allow other staff to join if they request to do so. If you haven’t received […]

Income drawdown – use it or lose it!

Are you (or do you know someone) 55 years old or over and have a pension fund? Will you continue to have earnings after 6 April 2015? Will you possibly take a lump sum or income from your pension whilst you continue to work? Do you wish to have the opportunity to continue to pay […]

Budget 2015 – A Summary

The Chancellor of the Exchequer gave his Budget to Parliament today, at 12.30pm.   A summary of what some of the things announced can be seen here:   The UK had the fastest growth in the G7 in 2014. Debt will be falling as a share of GDP in 2015-2016. The tax-free personal allowance is […]

The Downsize Dilemma

There was a time when retiring automatically resulted in downsizing your property; bungalows, gardening and new hobbies beckoned! But more people are wondering if this is the right option for them. Unlike previous generations, those who are reaching retirement age nowadays don’t necessarily see it as the onset of ‘old age’ or even an opportunity […]