Our Expert

James Burnett – Principal

Audit and Accounts

When your annual audit comes around, if you get a familiar sinking feeling, let us help.

You can’t avoid it but it certainly doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. In fact, your annual audit should be an opportunity, not an overhead. The processes we undertake can actually serve to enhance the operation of your business.

By building relationships with our clients, we can minimise disruption and keep costs down. In the long run, it means that we don’t have to keep re-inventing the wheel every year.

Even if you don’t require an audit by law, there may come a time when you choose to have one voluntarily. As well as acting as a vital management tool for decision-making, an audit provides independent evidence of the integrity of your accounts, giving reassurance to your customers, suppliers, actual or potential investors, banks, and other finance providers.

Annual & Management Accounts

In the same way, it’s very easy to see your annual accounts as a chore, only necessary to meet your statutory obligations. Prepared in the right way, they can actually offer some tangible benefits to your business and act as a valuable source of information to support long-term planning and decision making.

Depending on your particular needs, we can provide monthly, quarterly or annual reviews of your accounts. We’ll ensure that you remain fully compliant, while timing the production of your accounts so that you can take advantage of early tax planning opportunities. We’ll also prepare your accounts to highlight areas where your business performance could be improved.

If you carry out your accounting in-house, we can help with that too. Allowing you to get the best from your existing system and offering advice on installing accounting systems and control procedures. This means that you can produce timely, reliable information for your internal financial management, VAT returns or bank.