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Gwyn Williams – Director

Corporate Finance

Whether you are seeking to expand through acquisition, raise finance, arrange a management buy-out, or realise value through a sale, our experienced team of corporate finance advisors can help.

We have worked with clients across a range of sectors and enjoy excellent working relationships with commercial lenders, private equity providers and other professionals. We find out what your objectives are, structuring deals and providing strategic advice to help you achieve your goals.

Raising Finance

When you need to raise capital to expand and grow your business, we appreciate that substantial sums may be involved. We will help you to identify the most appropriate finance structure and source of funding, be it private equity house, a business angel or improved bank facilities. Using our extensive experience and network of funding and professional contacts we will lead negotiations and compare competing offers from potential funders.

Grant Funding

Grants can form an important part of a project related funding package. Wales is targeted by the EU as a region requiring investment, allowing the Welsh Government to offer support to new and existing businesses looking to expand, whether they are based in Wales or looking to locate here. Our advisors at Clay Shaw Thomas can support you during the application process, from registration to submission, saving you time and improving your chances of success. We will assess your eligibility, prepare a suitable business plan and financial forecast, liaise with commercial funders, if applicable, communicate with the case officer during the formal appraisal process and negotiate on your behalf to secure an offer of grant.

Succession and Retirement Planning

The day to day running of a business doesn’t allow you to take time out to consider what will happen when you eventually step down, whether that involves passing the business on to a member of your family, a management buy-out, sale to an external buyer, or winding the business down. Whatever happens, you want to know that you’ll be financially comfortable.

Our expert advisors will get to know the specifics of your business, covering all of the financial and tax aspects involved, until they essentially become part of your team. This means they can give you the best advice, well in advance, allowing your business to continue on a sound footing into the future, while you enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals

Many businesses grow organically through their lifetime, but sometimes the best way to achieve a faster rate of growth or improve your competitive position is through a merger or acquisition.

As one of the biggest challenges a business owner will face, this complex and time-consuming process is not to be taken lightly or without experienced help. Our team of expert accountants and business advisors can advise on heads of terms and purchase agreement, find suitable potential acquisitions, assess business values, put together due diligence investigations and reports, evaluate and obtain suitable finance, and negotiate with purchasers and vendors. Our intention will always be to maximise the outcome for our clients and minimise any potential risks.

Business Valuations

There are many reasons why you may need your business valued – monitoring business performance, business mergers, disputes – but sometimes, you just want to know what your business is worth, so that you can plan how to make it worth more! We will assess, amongst other things, your assets, goodwill, turnover and profit, and directors’ shareholdings, to create a comprehensive and measured report.

If required, our business advisors can then work with you to develop plans to increase its value, identify the right purchaser or plan for succession and retirement.