Businesses urged to take measures to prepare for the possibility of a ‘no deal’ Brexit

With just a month to go until the United Kingdom (UK) is due to leave the European Union (EU) we are still not sure what the situation will be by the time we reach 11 pm on 29 March.

The Government has so far not been able to agree on a suitable deal, meaning that we could end up with a ‘no deal’ scenario.

To help prepare for this we are providing you with a ‘No Deal’ planning checklist that will help your business get ready for the possible eventuality of a no deal scenario and not be caught cold.

This document will provide you with a contingency plan that will help you cope with many of the possible outcomes that businesses could face once the UK leaves the EU.

The checklist covers a number of key areas including the movement of good in and out of the UK, a plan on preparing a supply chain analysis, ensuring compliance with product standards, guidance on contracts with companies from the EU and measures to take regarding EU employees who are working in the UK.

There will also be guidance provided on other important areas for businesses data protection, intellectual property and e-commerce.

You can access this checklist at

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Gwyn Williams

Gwyn Williams

Director at Clay Shaw Thomas
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